Traditional Printing

Kissing the page – A short introduction to letterpress printing.

Letterpress is a technique of hand printing developed in the mid-15th Century, evolutionising communications.

The process is as unique and individual as the result; each line of text is composed by hand with tiny pieces of lead type or an embossing plate can be made. It is then put into the chase of an inked press.

The paper kisses the inked chase and leaves and impression.

Each printed card or page of headed paper has to be hand printed one piece at a time. The result is a very special and unmistakable, making letterpress stationery perfect for those handwritten notes.

Letterpress – A sustainable choice

As a small operator, we have a reduced impact on the environment as compared to large commercial printers. Our printing room is in a south facing well insulated room, so rarely does the heating come on. We try to use natural light for as long as possible until we must turn on the lights.

The letter press is hand-cranked with no need for any electricity just human energy. We do short print runs with little or no waste. A significant amount of our letterpress type is made from lead which is over 50 years old and still going strong.

For every product purchased a contribution is made to planting a tree through Home Tree who work is to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland.



All our inks contain organic and earth pigments which give true depth of colour.

Kiss Cards with Plain Envelopes


We use a specially chosen Italian paper containing cotton fibres, its softness allows the letterpress to leave a deep impression.