For every 10 orders received we plant a tree through Home Tree Charity.

Their work is to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland as well as the Restoration of the Wild Atlantic Rainforest. Instead of offering gift wrapping you will be offered the chance to contribute towards the Restoration of the Wild Atlantic Rainforest or a pledge to plant a tree.


As a small operator, we have a reduced impact on the environment as compared to large commercial printers and the print room is in a south facing well insulated room, with use for minimal electric light and heat.

The letter press is hand operated with no need for any electricity just human energy. We do short print runs with little or no waste.

A significant amount of our letterpress type is made from lead which is over 50 years old and still going strong.


With traditional Letterpress press printing, a pea sized squeeze of ink will print at least 700 pages, meaning very little waste, no cartridges to land fill and no run off into our rivers.


All the paper and envelopes used in our stationery is made with 40% CTMP fibres, 20% recycled fibres, 15% cotton fibres and 25% pure environmentally friendly ECF fibres and are FSC certified to FSC CO 15523 standard. The paper is completely biodegradable and recyclable. In particular, the paper manufacturer certifies that the paper is chlorine, acid and heavy metal free.

Sustainable Delivery


We use An Post (the national carrier for Ireland) for domestic deliveries, the majority of their fleet is electric and their network is an integral part of connecting our communities.

To make a company truly sustainable it is a constant process of evaluating the impact your company makes on the environment – we constantly stress test our supply chain to see where it can be made better with less impact on the environment.