Our Story

Nothing connects us with our friends quite like a handwritten letter or card.

image of printed  stationery in an antique desk

Our Inspiration

In 2020 we tried to source some well printed personalised stationery wishing to avoid the high street digital printer.  One of the few people still producing letter press stationery had retired and was unsure what to do with his press and huge amount of type.  After a few chats by phone it was agreed we would take over the press. So with car and trailer. we headed off to visit Brian and his wife Clodagh in West Cork where their house & printing room overlooks a wild Atlantic.

In the print studio we marvelled at the many tall cases holding drawer upon drawer of lead type. As well as the type there were rows of letterpress inks , composing sticks, chases, quoins, tweezers, spacers, wood and metal blocks. These are the printers tools  and materials that he had accumulated and used over the past fifty years of printing. Brian was adamant that no money should change hands for the letterpress but a just charitable donation in lieu.

visual of note cards with a dachshund and terrier and chihuahua

The letterpress looked very much at home when set up in a converted potting shed in in Co. Wicklow, Ireland. By a nice coincidence this press had printed stationery for the same house in  Co. Wicklow forty years ago.

With plenty of support and encouragement we acquired the skills to continue the tradition – the relative simplicity of the press which only uses manual labour but produces beautiful embossed stationery seems an important skill and tradition to keep alive. This very tactile hand printed stationery is beautiful to touch and really stands out from today’s mass produced digital printing.

Plunkett Press Letter Writing Renaissance

Letter Writing Renaissance

Just as journaling become so popular during lockdown, we’ve discovered Ireland is is going through a letter writing renaissance, young and old, male & female. Many customers have expressed their relief to finally find a source of good writing paper.

The Art of Marbling

Stationery and marbled paper are made for one another so each season we commission a new marbled paper to incorporate into your packing and envelope liners.